Your student is making a large transition to life as a college student and midshipman within the University of Florida’s Navy and Marine ROTC unit. We understand the transition your student is going through and the challenges he or she will face.  As your student begins this transition during the summer prior to his or her freshman year of college, the NROTC staff will primarily communicate with your student.  As a future leader of Sailors and Marines, we must develop a sense of responsibility and accountability in your student.  This begins during the summer as we work with your future midshipman to collect initial paperwork and records for the Navy and Marine Corps.

If you have questions, please do not be afraid to contact our staff to ask those questions. We understand all parents will have questions that their students may not be able to answer or will have specific “parent” questions, and we are happy to answer all of those.  As a rule, our staff will only reach out to parents in unusual circumstances since our focus is on the growth and leadership education of your student.  Again, please contact us with your questions if you have them.

A few important pieces of “parent” information:

  • New Student Orientation (NSO)
    • New Student Orientation will run the week before the first week of school during the fall semester from Monday to Saturday.
    • The first day of NSO will incorporate a parent welcome session with a question and answer session with our staff. Students will be given time in the afternoon to move into their dorms if they are living on campus.
    • The last day of NSO will incorporate a swearing in ceremony that parents and family are invited to attend. At this time, our new midshipmen will take the oath of office and sworn in as a Midshipman, US Navy Reserve. The ceremony includes a small reception following and typical ends in the very early afternoon.
    • During NSO, your student will be VERY busy and on the move. Student’s will not always be near their cell phones or other devices, so don’t expect immediate responses from your student.