Unit Staff

Commanding Officer (CO) – Captain Sil Perrella, USN

Professor of Naval Science

Contact Email: sil.perrella@ufl.edu


Command Staff:


Executive Officer (XO) – Commander Leif Hammersmark, USN

Associate Professor of Naval Science

Contact Email: hammerl@ufl.edu


Marine Officer Instructor (MOI) – Captain Kenneth Magee

Commandant of Midshipmen, Marine Option Advisor

Contact Email: captmagee.usmc@ufl.edu


Assistant Marine Officer Instructor: Staff Sergeant P. Taylor

Contact Email: patrick.taylor@ufl.edu


Junior Officer Staff:


Freshman Advisor: LT Cody Monroe, USN

Contact Email: cody.monroe@ufl.edu


Sophomore Advisor: LT Ash Maddox, USN

Contact Email: william.maddox@ufl.edu


Junior Advisor: LT Collin Swick, USN

Contact Email: cswick11@aa.ufl.edu


Senior Advisor: LT Tony Giampa, USN

Contact Email: tgiampa@ufl.edu


Support Staff:


Human Resources Officer: SCPO Steve Brown, USN (ret.)

Contact Email: brownsj@ufl.edu


Administrative Officer: CPO Ronald Fort, USN (ret.)

Contact Email: rlfort@ufl.edu


Supply Technician: CPO Jason Quinlog, USN (ret.)

Contact Email: jquinlog@aa.ufl.edu


Unit Secretary: Colleen Yarbrough

Contact Email: yarbroc@ufl.edu