We welcome non-scholarship students who are entering their freshmen or sophomore year at the University of Florida to join the NROTC unit and begin the process of working towards a commission as a Navy or Marine Corps Officer.

College Program midshipmen have the opportunity to earn a 2 or 3 year academic scholarship. College Program students will also be considered for Advanced Standing.  Advanced Standing students are guaranteed a commission in the Navy or Marine Corps and will receive a monthly living stipend, but Advance Standing midshipmen are responsible for their own tuition costs.  Scholarship and advanced standing opportunities for college program midshipmen are heavily influenced by the student’s academic performance and standing within the NROTC unit.  The number of scholarships and advanced standing positions available every year varies due to the future manning needs of the Navy.

College program midshipmen accepted into the NROTC program are provided uniforms and any academic items expressly needed by NROTC courses or activities. College Program midshipmen are responsible for their own tuition and living expenses.  All College Program midshipmen participate in all NROTC activities just like their scholarship peers.  All students, including College Program midshipmen, are provided mentoring and academic counseling by the NROTC staff focusing on the midshipmen’s academic, leadership, and physical development.

Interested applicants will be required to fill out a College Program application (documents below) and will be interviewed by the NROTC staff to determine their suitability for the program. Please complete these documents beginning with “College Program Application Packet.” This document will guide you through completing all other necessary paperwork. Please bring DD Form 2870-2, DD Form 2807-2, and the "AAP PPE Physical Exam Form" with you for the physical.  We highly recommend that you complete the Sickle Cell testing requirement when you conduct your physical.  Results are required prior participating in any NROTC physical activity (see "sickle cell reference" below). Please make a conscious effort to complete all of the documents in a neat and timely fashion. If you wish, you may attach a resume or other supporting material to your application for review.  Do NOT include your Social Security number or Birth Date anywhere on the application.  

Please visit our Physical Requirements page for details on physical fitness standards for the Navy and Marine Corps. You will be expected to meet or exceed these standards before entering the program as a College Program Midshipman.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, regarding the application process, please contact our Recruiting Officer at nrotcrecruiter@aa.ufl.edu.

College Program Application Documents can be downloaded below:

College Program Application Packet.pdf



NSTC 1533-133 (04-17) - NROTC College Program Application.pdf

NSTC 1533-153 (04-17) - NROTC Drug and Alcohol Understanding.pdf

NSTC 1533-101 (06-14) DRUG STATEMENT.pdf


DD Form 2870-2

AAP PPE Physical Exam Form

DD form 2807-2

Sickle Cell Testing Reference

Please send all completed documents to the Recruiting Officer.

Note: While sickle cell testing is not required to complete the College Program Application, the test will be required to attend MIDN Summer Training (New Student Indoctrination) and to participate any in NROTC physical training activities.  Please review the reference below regarding sickle cell testing for additional information.  We do not have a specific form that needs to be completed; we only require the documentation that states test results. Please do NOT include your Social Security number or Birth Date anywhere on the application.